Resilience Through Action


Név: REACT – Resilience through Action
Időtartam: 2022. 06. 18. – 2022. 06. 27.
Partnerek: Asociatia Euroactive NGO (Románia), Asociación Alternativa Ambiental (Spanyolország), ORIEL ETS (Olaszország), VIBE Slovakia (Szlovákia), Youth Eurasia (Törökország)
Helyszín: Szentendre, Hungary


Name: REACT – Resilience through Action
Duration: 18. 06. 2022. – 27. 06. 2022.
Partners: Asociatia Euroactive NGO (Romania), Asociación Alternativa Ambiental (Spain), ORIEL ETS (Italy), VIBE Slovakia (Slovakia), Youth Eurasia (Turkey)
Place: Szentendre, Hungary

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How to survive a crisis and its after-effect: the objective here is for our participants to easily spot fake news, know where to get the right information from, and share it with others, during the period of the mobility. We will hold a workshop for one day in which to discuss the characteristics of correct and incorrect information by tracking down the source, dates and supporting materials for various news.

The after-effects:
a. Find 3 ways in which our participants can help the local communities after this crisis passes.
b. Find 2 opportunities that are arising or can arise after the crisis and can be used by our participants. We are looking here are financial, social, and business opportunities.

Difficulties in assessing stressful circumstances: The objective here is to learn 3 methods that can be used to keep calm and act with a clear mind. Our participants would share their own ideas and we will discuss institutional studies and recommendations through a series of experiments and circumstances.


Hogyan éljünk túl egy krízist és az utóhatásait: a célunk ezen a ponton, hogy a résztvevőink ki tudják szúrni a fake news-okat, tudják, hogyan és hol lelhetnek hiteles információkra és hogyan tudják azt megosztani másokkal. Workshopokat fogunk nekik tartani, hogy megismerhessék, hogyan épülnek fel a hiteles hírek, és hogyan tudják lenyomozni a forrásokat.

Az utóhatások:
a. 3 módot mutatni a résztvevőknek, hogyan segíthetik lokálisan a környezetüket krízisek idején
b. 2 lehetőséget találni, amik krízisek idején jelentkeznek – mind anyagi, mind pedig üzleti és szociális értelemben.

Nehézségek stresszhelyzetekben: a cél itt, hogy a résztvevőink három módot mutassunk, amivel lenyugodhatnak és tiszta fejjel gondolkodhatnak. A résztvevőink megoszthatják a saját gondolatainkat és átbeszélünk különböző tudományos módszereket is.

Activities and methods

The REACT youth exchange, held between June 18 and 27, was attended by young people between 18 and 30 who came from Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, and Hungary.

During the exchange, they were able to learn about the trademarks of authentic and fake news within the framework of various workshops, and for the sake of better understanding, they also checked various types of information to see if they are true or false. Thanks to this, they were able to develop many competencies.

In addition to this, they deepened their knowledge in the field of stress management and learned different methods that help them think more clearly in a crisis situation. Together with young people from different countries, they got to know the different tools that they can use in their local community during a difficult situation in the future.

As a result of the project, young people are able to recognize the authenticity of a news story, are able to conduct calm crisis communication and help their local community in a stressful situation.

Activities and methods

A június 18 és 27-e között megrendezésre kerülő REACT ifjúsági cserén 18-30 közötti fiatalok vettek részt, akik Romániából, Szlovákiából, Olasz-, Spanyol-, és Magyarországról érkeztek. 

A csere során különböző workshopok keretében ismerkedhettek meg az autentikus és álhírek védjegyeivel, illetve a jobb megértés kedvéért különböző típusú információkat is ellenőriztek, hogy igazak-e vagy hamisak. Ennek köszönhetően számos kompetenciát fejleszthettek.

Ezek mellett, mélyítették a tudásukat stressz kezelés témakörben és megtanulták a különböző metódusokat, amelyek segítségével tisztábban tudnak gondolkodni krízis helyzetben. Különböző országok fiataljaival együtt megismerték a különböző eszközöket, amelyeket tudnak alkalmazni a helyi közösségünkben is egy jövőbeni nehéz helyzet alatt.

A projekt eredményeként, a fiatalok képesek felismerni egy hír hitelességét, képesek nyugodt krízis kommunikációt folytatni és segíteni a helyi közösségüket stresszhelyzetben.

In this intercultural exchange, people from different countries got the chance to learn about each other’s cultures, traditions, dances and food. We could also see their other points of view about different social issues, and about how they affect each of us.

Meeting people from different cultures has broadened our horizons and made us develop socially. We learned from nations we have never been to.

We did different activities regarding some important aspects related to the future of every one of us. For example, we talked about how to manage stress in the best way possible and how to identify opportunities in times of crisis and we learned how to protect ourselves from fake news.

We improved our language and communication skills with different exercises and also learned about new languages.

We got the chance to spend time with nature in the beauty of the Danube and visit Hungary, a place many of us never have been too.

It was a great experience that definitely would love to try again!

Participant #1

Before coming here I was anxious about the project but now I am anxious about going home. I met new people, learn about their culture and also got a chance to practice my English. I also learnt that Italians never sleep. As a Turkish guy I really appreciate that I got a chance to practice English. I also love the fact that through this project I got a chance to make new friends, visit more cities and experience their culture. I really appreciate that I got an opportunity to meet so many people, got a chance to make new friends, experience their culture and food especially. I loved the facilitators, the activities and the energisers. The fact I love the most is that it was my first Erasmus+ project and now I want to go on more such projects after such a good experience. Also, I learn pretty good things in funny way and I also got to know myself and how compatible I am in a teamwork. I loved the idea of secret friends and many activities like role plays, presentation on covid situation etc.

I will miss you all.

Participant #2

This project started like every beautiful adventure: with a lot of excitement! We were greeted by our lovely facilitators with good energy and smiles. We had no expectations, because we wanted to be surprised and to go with the flow. But even though we didn’t have expectations, we were sure that we will going to meet amazing people, which we did <3

We have learnt to agree and to disagree to different opinions in a more assertive way. We have lived together peacefully and without problems. We also had a lot of funny moments and A LOT of laughs with our Mr. President, Bob and annoying Damiano.

During our sessions we talked about actual topics, such as covid impact, stress management, dealing with crisis, activities that empowered us to be resilient, have initiative and make a difference. Talking in front of the group was something really easy as we were in a really comforting, respectful and accepting place and encouraged to share your opinions and experiences.

Even though we came from different places, learning from them was a fulfilling activity in our culture nights (and it was a moment to show our amazing dancing skills).

Participant #3

The project „REACT – Resilience Through Action” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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